If writing a novel for teens is something that you aspire to, you may be put off by the fact that it may have been several years since you were a teenager yourself. However, this does not have to stand in your way and the following tips can be very useful.

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Pick A Genre:

There are many different genres that appear to teenagers and it is important to decide what genre your book will focus on. Some of the choices that you have include:

– Romance


– Mystery

– Comedy

– Action

You may be able to incorporate more than one genre into your novel but you do not want to make things too confusing. There are things that go together well such as introducing some mystery in an action novel. When choosing your genre you also need to think about whether you want your novel to appeal to boys or girls as they are likely to have different interests.

Make A Plan For The Novel:

One of the most important things that you need to have when you are writing a teen novel is a plan. You need to think about who the main characters will be and have a good idea of how the plot will play out. It may be that you decide to make changes as the novel starts to take shape but having a plan in place can make it a lot easier for you to start writing.

Write From Your Own Experience:

Even if it has been many years since you were a teenager there are bound to be some experiences that you remember as if they were yesterday. There is a good chance that these experiences are still relatable to today’s teens. You may also find that writing about things that you know is a good starting point for writing your novel. You may want to elaborate on some of the situations that you are writing about so that they fit in more with the context of the book.

Use Teen Language:

A key aspect of writing a novel that appeals to teens is to use language that they use themselves. There are many websites that can help with this such as Urban Dictionary and similar. You may also have teenage children of your own that you can ask, or children of friends or family members. One thing to bear in mind though is that you don’t want your book to sound dated in a few years time and so be careful not to overdo the slang.

Add Something They Can Relate To:

The issues that teenagers face don’t actually change that much as the years pass by. Most teenagers at some point will feel as though their parents don’t understand them, and there will be crushes to deal with and falling out with friends. If teenagers feel that they can relate to a certain character or situation then they are more likely to keep reading.