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below is a sample of just a few of the many hand crafted, healing crystal fountains found within Harmony Gardens:



As Human Beings, we are all part of the natural world. The more immersed we become in the material world of artificial elements, the more alienated we become from the world of nature. Not surprisingly, what follows is increased irritation, disharmony, and dis-ease.

One of the simplest ways to reconnect to nature is with an indoor fountain. They create a peaceful, harmonious indoor environment.

Some of the beneficial properties of Indoor Fountains are:

~natural room humidifier

~meditation tool

~sleep aid

~stress reducer

-~air cleanser

~positive energy circulator 

An indoor fountain is also a mild negative ion generator. Negative ions are thought to facilitate clear thinking, promote greater concentration, increase relaxation, enhance moods, energy, and communication, as well as restore our natural balance and sense of well being. Negative ions also clean the air by attaching themselves to pollution particles.


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A PESONAL NOTE: Most of you who are fans of the show STAR TREK:DS9 know that my sister Cecily played the role of Quark's mother Ishka, more affectionately known by her fans as MOOGIE. Tragically, Cecily passed away recently from lung cancer, leaving behind her husband Jim, her 2 1/2 year old baby Maddie, and millions of grieving fans worldwide. We all miss Cecily more than words can express; she was a kind, gentle and spiritual soul. Age 46 was far too soon for her to have departed this world.

A beautiful, spiritual website dedicated to eternally cherish Cecil'ys memory has been set up at for those who wish to visit. It is also a resource for Cancer patients looking to understand how to obtain the most aggressive "cutting edge" treatment.






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